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Styling the food


Nov 29, 2021
Styling the food

Food styling is not an easy task; indeed, it needs a lot of hard work and to be worked upon by the food stylist. Your food needs to look good, or else any other equipment can’t do any good to you. The professional food photographers in Dubai need guidance by the stylists. There are a few tips to style your food:

  1. Make it look fresh:

Oxidation makes the food turn brown. You may find ingredients that are anti oxidizing. They can stop your food from oxidizing. Use a spray bottle and continuously say the food while the photography. To make it look fresh and good at the same time.

  1. Using of props:

You may need different props to spice up the picture. Adding little details from your kitchen is a very easy way to turn the picture upside down in the most attractive way possible. Use different ingredients from your dish or utensils from the kitchen can also do the work for you.

  1. T-pins:

These pins are used to manipulate food items. One can use the pins to set up the food in any direction or way he or desire to. Change the position in any way you want to using the pins to hold things up. They support and make things look better from angles.

  1. A kitchen torch:

It can be one most stylish thing used to prop the photo. But for that one needs to get a hand on it before using it. One should know the amount they need to use as it does not get too dark.

  1. Ice:

A fake ice is used to style the cold food dishes. When liquid is added to the fake ice it looks more realistic. There are two types of fake ice, one is the handmade acrylic ice cubes while the other is the regular ice cubes.

  1. Condensation:

Just like the fake ice, fake condensation is also a thing. It is another trick to style beverages. This is a little time consuming but one needs to have a good practice with it. You may find various tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere on how to create fake condensation. These are some very easy and common ways to style your food. one needs to be in practice and also to look for a good light spot. Try to manage it under natural light and also go for all angles possible.