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Painting Tips for Beginners


Dec 16, 2021
Painting Tips for Beginners

One should learn till the end of life. One should never say that he or she is a pro at a skill because there are so many unrecognized talents in the world that are beyond the level of pro. Just like that when it comes to art and artistry, people think that they are best at what they do but the fact is that even Leonardo Da Vinci’s work is said to have some sort of mistakes. But people still want his art work because he always said that he was never a master at painting because he was always learning. If you want to make a career being an artist then keep reading for some good painting tips.

The first tip is to start painting with water paints. The first benefit is that you will learn easily and the second benefit is that these paints can be bought in cheap. Though there are some expensive ones as well but you can find the cheap ones at any art store.

The second tip is to start painting on thick paper. Some people go and instantly buy canvas but the fact is that you can never have a steady hand on canvas unless you have mastered your motor skills on the paper. So, save the trip to the store and some money and start on regular paper.

The third tip is to use new shades of colors. Some people will say that you should get basic colors but the basic colors will never get the artist out of you. the new shades of colors will give you a boost to your creativity.

When you are becoming good at painting then you will become tired of water colors, so, now will be the time to get acrylic paint in UAE for your next project and you can then also get a canvas. But still, don’t go for the expensive canvas.

if you say that you don’t have enough cash for getting the different shaded colors then you can always mix the basic colors to make a new color. always mix a good amount so that you don’t need to remix it because you might not get that same color.

The next tip is to avoid using a lot of water. This may be a difficult tip to keep in mind, so always make a note while painting.