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Incredible Features of PowerPoint That Can Make Your Presentation Fantabulous


Dec 9, 2021
Incredible Features of PowerPoint That Can Make Your Presentation Fantabulous

While preparing a presentation, it is useful to learn some of the hidden features of PowerPoint. These options can help you enhance your presentation and can help you save time. For example, you can change the transition speed in your slide by using the Animation Painter. While this option is not as advanced as other tools in PowerPoint, it is still worth knowing about. If you’ve been struggling to create interesting slides, this feature will make things much easier.

Animation tab:

To copy an animation in PowerPoint design, go to the Animations tab. You can click on the Format Painter button to copy the animation. This option is useful to ensure that the animations you use are consistent. It also makes it easier to manipulate several pieces of text at once. To do this, press Ctrl + X and then hit the Enter key. The table will be split into individual text boxes. The table will automatically return when you release the Ctrl key.

Quick Access Toolbar:

The Quick Access Toolbar lets you quickly jump from one slide to another. It allows you to skip slides and skip sections of the presentation. The only problem with this feature is that you have to plan your slide layout. To add a summary slide, click on the More menu, and choose the Custom Path option. A summary slide will appear at the end of your presentation. Then, you can move it anywhere on the presentation.

Motion path:

One of the most impressive features of PowerPoint is the Motion Path. You can create your custom path for objects on your screen using this feature. You can choose from several basic paths or create your own. The basic ones are Lines, Arcs, Turns, Shapes, Loops, and Spheres. You can also choose to use a custom path or use one pre-designed path.

You can also copy a paragraph. By selecting it from the tab, you can select the object you’d like to copy and paste. Afterward, you can modify the spacing between lines in the document. You can even choose the color and style of your text. This can help you make your presentation look professional and appealing. Then, you can export the file to a new format and make it look beautiful. With these hidden features, you can make your presentation fantabulous.